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a tiny family farm...

Nigerian Dwarf goats, all sorts of chickens, a mini donkey named Beth... and plans for much more.

We try to live with intention here by fully understanding and appreciating what we consume and use in our lives. It is too easy to be wasteful today and we believe that by witnessing the blood, sweat, tears, life, and death that go into everything, we are better stewards of it.  We make soap with fresh raw goats milk, that we hand milk from our girls, and we currently make a few other all natural body products.  We also share some of our favorite recipes (when we have the time) here in "Recipes & Stuff", but be warned... they are not low in calories or flavor.




Pasture raised eggs

We have several dozen eggs available every week that we sell first come first served. Our hens go outside every day and free range. Chickens that get to live natural lives outside foraging, produce eggs that are much more nutritionally dense than most store eggs. "Cage Free" eggs from the store may not be exactly what you are thinking, considering that regulations only require 3ft per chicken to be counted as "Cage Free."  Studies show free range eggs have 1/3 less cholesterol, 2/3 more vitamin A, 3 times more vitamin E, 1/4 less saturated fat, 2 times more Omega-3, and 7 times more beta-carotene that caged egg options. 

$4.75 a dozen if returning our carton for refill

$5.00 a dozen with new egg carton


We will update this page when we do. Thank you for your interest!

Our eggs will vary by size, shape, and color.

Our eggs will vary by size, shape, and color.


On occasion we will have livestock for sale. This will only be 1-3 times a year. The breeds we have here on the farm: 

  • Nigerian Dwarf and Mini Nubian Goats - Our animals are not heavily handled and may need time to warm up to people. They come up to us every day but if you want to pet them and handle them, they will be a little shy.  We only handle the babies every few days, unless there is a problem. The younger you get them, the more attached to humans they will be. Also after having a bad experience with "disbudding" the babies horns (at the vet & all babies had deformed horns come in) we have decided to continue our herd babies with horns from now on.
  • Chickens - Maran, Easter Egger, Olive Egger, Turken, Bantam Cochin, Wyandotte, Rhode Island Red, Barred Rock, and our barnyard mix for a wide range of colors. 



nigerian dwarfs

2018 Bucklings - sold



Po is the son of Ginger and Grumpy. Ginger is full blood but is not registrable and Grumpy (the father of all our kids this year) is from Double Durango lines and had a star milker mother. We chose not to register him because none of our does were registered. Po is tricolored with blue eyes and was the one buckling we were considering keeping this year. Born March 6th, he should wean around May 1st but we are open to him being bought as a bottle baby.

$110 (SOLD)

VSCO Cam-1.jpg


This cutie is the half brother of Snoke. They have the same father and come from mothers who are unregistered full sisters. He is very sweet and will let me pick him up without much of a struggle usually. Blue eyes and mostly white with some frost and black spots. Born February 9 2018. Should be weaning around April 6, we would prefer to keep him until weaning time or slightly longer. This was his mothers first kidding and he is her only kid right now.

$110 (SOLD)



We think this boy is quite the looker. His father was able to be registered and was from exceptional milking lines. His mother has been an easy milker for us and although she is unregistered, also comes from good lines. Born March 6 2018. If you wanted him as more of a pet we are open to him being taken as a bottle baby before weaning around May 1. 

$110 (SOLD)



Han is from our Mini Nubian, Bea. He is 1/8th Nubian and the rest Nigerian Dwarf. He's from the same father as the other kids listed, who was registrable and from very good stock. He is tricolored with tan eyes and has good form. Born February 9 2018, he should be weaning around April 6, but can be purchased now if you want a bottle baby.

$110 (SOLD)






Several breeds available now. They are on high protien meat feed and forage daily. Most are between 2-4 months old currently. We have Barred rock, Olive Egger (Maran/Easter Egger), Marans & Easter Egger.

Email for more info or specific pictures.


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Our Story

Seven years ago we were living in the big city of Houston, TX when we realized that our goals were to move back to the Fort Smith Arkansas area (where we both grew up) and build a more self sustainable lifestyle. 

After getting our humble 7 acres, we got Nigerian Dwarf goats and expanded our breeds of chickens. This breed of goat has some of the highest butterfat content (like cows milk) and if we were going to drink goats milk, we wanted it to taste like cows milk. Our chickens lay all colors of eggs and we plan to be always increasing our egg colors. 


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We are on Instagram, all our photos shown here and there are ours. We love trying to capture the beauty of everyday life. We also have a page on Facebook. If you've enjoyed our products, please leave us feedback on Facebook or Etsy! Please contact us if you've had any issues or have any questions at all. 

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