Simple Salve / Body Butter


My 6 month old has had bad eczema, specifically on her face.  Ive been trying to use our baby eczema lotion that we had left over from when my first daughter was a baby... 7 years ago. But somehow I lost it after 7 years, so I went to buy more yesterday. Ive had thoughts of making my own but had read that all natural lotion would need to be refrigerated and I've been so busy, I just didn't want another thing to do. But as I was standing there looking at the $18 eczema lotion, and thinking of my all natural soap I've been using on her, and I thought "I could do this without all the preservatives and a lot cheaper."  So I looked at several recipes, all very similar, and decided it was totally worth it. 


Now I have all these things from making soaps and I understand a lot of people may not!  But I'm sure most of y'all shop on amazon and could get it easily enough. And you will be able to make like a years worth of salve with all the left overs.  (I would be happy to make you some if you don't think its worth it!)


Most of the recipes I saw, all called for equal parts coconut oil and shea butter. I saw some suggest vitamin E oil. Im sure its interchangeable with the liquid oils I used (sunflower and castor). Im also going to include some optional added things. Calendula is anti-inflammatory and antiviral but I didn't have any on hand. You could steep it in the liquid oils for several weeks to infuse them or you could just buy calendula oil. This recipe has beeswax but I saw many that didn't. You could literally just use coconut oil, shea butter, honey, and tea tree/lavender, if you want to buy as little as possible. 


Simple Salve


3 tbsp Coconut oil

3 tbsp Shea butter

1 tbsp Calendula oil (optional - replace with castor oil if not using)

1 tbsp Sunflower oil

1.5 tbsp Beeswax

1 tbsp Castor oil

1 TSP Dried lavender (optional)

1.5 TSP Raw honey (optional)

15 drops lavender essential oil & 3 drops tea tree oil (Or other oils you prefer, I think chamomile sounds nice and calming)


  1. Now all you need to do is put all of these ingredients, except the (honey &) essential oils, into a small jar. Place the jar in a pan of water (like a double boiler) over medium heat. Let all the ingredients melt down, stirring when you want to.  
  2. Add the (honey if you are using it &) essential oils. Make sure everything is well combined and stirred. 
  3. From here I just let mine sit to be like a salve but some people stir occasionally to keep it softer and even blend it to make it whipped.