Apple Crisp


Today I'm considering making a dessert, I don't have a reason... is having 4 kids a reason? Anyway, I thought about sharing possibly my favorite cake recipe but decided that it was too summery for September. A lot of people have asked me for my cake recipe, so I will share it soon! Trust me though, this apple crisp is better than cake... 

I love this apple crisp all year long but I do love it even more in the fall, especially if you add salted caramel... Mmmmmm.


With the apples, I always prefer a more tart variety. Sometimes I'll just grab a few of several different kinds. But my first choice would be granny smith or golden delicious. You can do one big dish or in a pie shell. I like using a pie shell because it makes serving it a little easier (and who doesn't love extra crust...) but with how many people I am usually be serving, I prefer to have it in a 9x13. You'll need to double the recipe for that size though.


I put all purpose flour on the recipe but I've used whole wheat also. As for the brown sugar, I've used white when I was out of brown. You just lose a little of the deeper flavor. If you had molasses you could add a pinch of that to make your white sugar, brown! Oh and serving it with ice cream is the best. Talk about yummmmmm.


Apple Crisp


1  Pie crust (if you want it as a pie)

6 - Golden delicious apples - small to medium (peeled, cored, & chopped)

1/4 cup - Chopped pecans

1/2 cup - Brown sugar

3 tbsp - All purpose flour

1 tbsp - Lemon juice

2 tbsp - Pure maple syrup


Crisp topping

3/4 cup - All purpose flour

1/4 tsp - Cinnamon

1/3 cup - Brown sugar

1/4 tsp - Salt

6 tbsp - Chilled butter (cut in squares)

1/4 cup - Chopped pecans


  • If you're making yours as a pie, go ahead and put your crust in your dish. Mix the rest of the ingredients in the filling together. 

  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

  • Mix the flour, cinnamon, salt, and brown sugar in large bowl. Cut the butter into the dry ingredients until it forms pea size lumps. Stir in the pecans and sprinkle over filling.

  • Bake for 40 minutes - 1 hour, depending on the size dish you are making and size of your apple chunks. I use a fork or skewer to check if the apples are tender but you can usually see if everything is bubbling and hot through out. If getting too brown, cover with foil. Cool 10 minutes before serving.



Alysha sneed