Herbal Salt Bar

Herbal Salt Bar


Lemon oil makes this soap particularly  bright and fresh. The herbal essential oils add depth and we are loving the combination of it all.

It’s loaded with Himalayan sea salt, organic yarrow, organic plantain, and essential oils that all aid in reducing inflammation and healing skin conditions like eczema or acne. Not only beneficial for your skin, the salt scrub leaves your skin smooth like you’ve just been to the spa.

The large amount of salt in this bar makes it exceptionally hard and long-lasting. It also contributes to the lather taking a little bit longer to get started, roughly 20 seconds. Initially it feels a little like washing with a stone!

Raw Goats Milk Benefits

Raw goats milk has many vitamins but is especially high in vitamin A (necessary to healthy skin & repair tissue), it adds more fat content to our soap which makes it especially moisturizing, and it has Selenium (which is possibly cancer preventing).

Himalayan Pink Salt

- Anti-inflammatory and helping with aches/pains

- Exfoliation thats gentle and effective at removing dead skin and smoothing

- High magnesium improves skin barrier function and enhances moisturization

- Excellent for acne and eczema

- Stimulates circulation, softens calluses, and reduces soreness

- Antibacterial


- Healing for wounds and skin conditions like eczema

- Anti-inflammatory


- Anti-scarring properties helping heal and clear blemishes

- Antibacterial (promotes quicker healing of skin conditions)

- Anti-inflammatory

Lemon benefits

- Rich in vitamin C helping aid healthier skin

- Anti-viral

- Antiseptic for skin conditions (including acne)

LAVENDER benefits

- Antioxidant that works to prevent and reverse disease.

- Improves mood and reduces stress

- Antimicrobial

- Anti-inflammatory

Basil benefits


-Excellent skin cleanser

- Anti-microbial prevents acne

- Anti-stress properties

Rosemary benefits

- Antioxidant

- Anti-inflammatory

- Enhancing memory and concentration

4 - 5 oz bar

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bar size and shipping

As a family business, we have found that restricting our shipping to one day a week helps us be balanced and reliable. You can expect your order to be shipped by the Monday after you place it. Thank you for understanding!

We prefer to ship our soap in a box to make sure that it gets to you safely! Our soap is also fairly heavy. Because of these things, shipping can often seem a little higher than expected. We will do everything we can to ship as cost effectively as possible and refund any shipping overages.

We hand cut our soap and try for 4.5 oz but they usually range from 4-5 oz. We have several customers who have mentioned that they prefer to cut the bars in half so they last longer and scents can be switched sooner!


All natural and handmade soaps have better lifespan if left out of the shower or anywhere they may be sitting in water. We suggest using a draining soap dish or anything that allows the bar to fully dry out in between uses.

Our soaps are scented entirely by pure essential oils and may smell differently, or not as strong as the synthetic types most people are accustomed to smelling. Don't get us wrong! Many of the essential oils have very strong scents and we use plenty of them, they just don't smell like fragrance oils. Just think, the only scent you will be getting on you with our soap is one that is actually good for your body and mind. We also work in small batches and try new things occasionally, so the look or color will vary from batch to batch.

why coffee exfoliant

A lot of our soaps use coffee as the exfoliant. We chose to do this for a few reasons... Using recycled coffee from a local coffee shop is basically the smartest possible option when it comes to sustainability and conservation! But a main reason is that coffee is proven to have amazing benefits for your skin and we are using something that would otherwise be wasted. It is recycling at its best in our opinion.