Farm soap...


We started our journey into selling our farm goods recently, which you probably already know if you are reading this. I thought I might share a tid bit about our choices! We consider our soap a simple classic, that beats out the mass produced store bought options easily. How could it not if its not loaded down with all the chemicals and who knows what else? With the soap making craft, like any other craft, there are different preferences, ideas, and processes that people use. We are not fancy soap makers. Just homesteaders looking to support ourselves with some of our work. I consider soap making to be something that anyone can do, and I'm completely open to sharing any recipes I use! I understand that most people don't want to mess with lye though (a necessary part of soap making). I probably wouldn't have, if it wasn't for having the goats milk!


We started with a basic recipe from this farm book! Ive tweaked it a bit now, trying to firm up our bar, add goats milk, etc. I really like the coconut and olive oil base for us. It seems fairly basic and fitting to our rustic farm setting but they are also great ingredients! Im not frilly or anything. 


We are a farm and I think our soap shows that. Our product is a work in progress. Everyone we have given our soap to has had nothing but praise for it, and we agree, but we are striving to make it the best it can be. Right now we use hot process, which means its ready to use within a few days of making it and it has a more rustic look. We are considering trying cold process (to see if it gives us more consistency in color), different size exfoliants, different essential oils, and trying to make sure our label is clear... So if you are a customer of ours, you may notice changes as we grow. We would love feedback during this time! I am a very transparent person, I hope that is something that can mix well in business...


I love the old fashionedness (thats not a word) of our soap and it being something that people have been making for so long! The quality of our ingredients will stay the same as we try new things, but if your curious about a recipe, a change, or if you have a request, don't hesitate to email us!