Mushroom Bacon & Cheddar Quiche


Here is my favorite quiche. You know, the sound of an egg pie always sounded very unappealing to me... But I made myself try it and I was pleasantly surprised. I am sure some you have already heard me say this, but quiche is awesome at being reheated and being a quick breakfast for days to come! So when I make quiche I usually make 2-3 of them. I mean who doesn't need a quick breakfast? Even as a stay at home mom, I have days when I don't want to do breakfast... Its actually like most days. Seriously though I do LOVE quick, healthy, no thought breakfasts and lunches. 

Aren't mushrooms so interesting?!

Aren't mushrooms so interesting?!

This quiche is mostly mushrooms (that go in raw and make it SO easy), bacon, and cheddar. You can easily replace the cheddar with feta and maybe do a little less but it depends on how much you like feta... I personally love it! You'll need 2 pie shells, I like to make crust and have it ready in the freezer to just thaw and roll out. If you're going to buy crust, I really prefer the kind in the refrigerator area (near butter and biscuits). They will need to be deeper pie dishes and if you don't have those, I would just decrease the mushrooms by 1/3. 


Also some people pre-bake a quiche crust. I usually don't because I don't want an extra step, but if you do want to pre-bake the crust a little, I would cover the top edges of it so it doesn't brown too much.  These little cherry tomatoes I use can be a little tangy and kids actually prefer just a diced tomato, but these are prettier for a picture. (Just FYI... I want to use emojis so bad!!! Right here I wanted to do a wink face.) Oh and one more thing, I love cooking the bacon in the oven while I'm doing everything else. It doesn't need as much attention as on the stove and doesn't make the mess!



Mushroom quiche

(2 deep pies) 

12 eggs
3 cups heavy cream
16oz mushrooms sliced or chopped
12 thick slices cooked bacon chopped
4 cups shredded cheddar (or feta is great!)
6 green onions chopped
1 cup chopped tomatoes

Whisk together eggs, cream, and salt & pepper. Stir together everything everything else and divide between 2 pie shells. Slowly pour egg mix over the filling ingredients. Bake at 350 until lightly browned and knife test comes out clean. The egg mix ratio is actually just a base than can go with lots of different flavor quiches! Remember to let your quiche sit for at least 30-45 min, until it becomes set. 


I hope you like this as much as we do!